Title - Cynthia Burk
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The first mouthful ... here I am!
Cynthia Burk

The first mouthful ... here I am!
From my table to yours...

Cornwall - Mar. 5, 2011 - I have a great friend that I have known for many, many, years and in the last three years there have been drastic changes to my life in particular. My chum enjoys a busy fulfilling career and wonderful single life -- “Sex and the City” but with Browns' and Nine West instead of Manolo Blahnik. I left London and my sane life and fell in love with a divorcee with two tweens while I was working in Montreal. I now live in Cornwall which feels like I am a million miles from my girlfriend and all my chums in my hometown of London. During this time, a planetary alignment retrograde transpired and further insanity set in when my partner and I decided to try to get pregnant and succeeded. I am sure you deduced from my many, many years comment above, I am an older Momma.

Cooking has changed for me because my lifestyle has altered. Cooking is more of a challenge because kids are fussy, I have a full time career and I am busy with my now one-year-old. In the old days my girlfriend and I often tipped our hats off to friends who had busy family lives but we knew it wasn’t for us. We never romanticized what it was to have children. I can’t tell you how often we were in the grocery line together when some kid was losing his mind and Mom was trying to console him. We just smiled and gave our glasses a clink when we got to her place. Now you understand why I brought up the planetary alignment retrograde earlier, I actually decided to join many of you crazies.

Just because life has changed for me doesn’t mean I serve Kraft dinner each time we have the kids (every other time, just kidding - honest)! And yes, there are times when I have made a dish and the kids look at their plates and I see the look on their faces - what has this crazy woman made this time? I know how to hide ingredients and I am smart enough to reveal them after the dish is eaten or not at all. I do the same with my Mom because she’s a fusspot. I hope you join me on this journey because I think it will be fun. I will cook the dish then take a picture of it to post along with the recipe. I came up with the title because my one-year-old is teething and a yummy Cab, Pinot Noir, or zesty Zin helps me, not him. Salute!!

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