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Title - Health=Happiness
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Follow Me on TwitterDan Allaire is a certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer. He also has Crossfit certifications in Power Lifting as well as Movement & Mobility. Dan is also a Level 1 Agatsu KettleBell instructor and has attended various seminars on paleolithic nutrition, strongman training and Olympic lifting. If you have questions or wish to contact Dan, you can email him at
Good Intentions, Not Good Enough
Dan Allaire

Dan`s Quest for Fitness
Good Intentions, Not Good Enough
PHOTO CREDIT - Randy Glasbergen

Cornwall - February 16, 2012 - I have lost count how many times someone has said to me “I’d love to go to the gym but…”. There are many endings to that story and frankly 97% of them are weak. Going to the gym to ensure you are in the best shape possible is a commitment and not just words. You actually have to go and perform a workout and not just talk about it. It needs to become a priority in your already super charged schedule.

If you REALLY want to get into shape you make time in your schedule (it can take less than one hour) to hit the gym and get some solid work in. The next step is making better food choices more than 80% of the week/month. Too many times people work their butts off at the gym then wonder why they are not seeing/feeling results because they have not made the full commitment to both physical training AND better eating habits. The myth is this; “I’ll work it off…” or “I’ve earned it” mentality when it comes to eating garbage. You cannot outwork bad eating habits, PERIOD.

They say it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit so if you have getting to the gym on your wish list , make it happen today. You’re an organized person and I’m sure you can schedule that hour in if you really want it. Make sure to add better food choices to the mix and your everyday will get better before you know it.

It’s as much mental as it is physical. On the days when you’d rather not “just show up” just go!

Time to turn those good intentions into action, otherwise I don’t want to hear you want to join the gym but blah, blah, blah. You want to feel better, look better, well you know how to do it. How does that saying go? Put up or shut up.

Be Great!

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