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Follow Me on TwitterDan Allaire is a certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer. He also has Crossfit certifications in Power Lifting as well as Movement & Mobility. Dan is also a Level 1 Agatsu KettleBell instructor and has attended various seminars on paleolithic nutrition, strongman training and Olympic lifting. If you have questions or wish to contact Dan, you can email him at
Heart and Technique will get you there
Dan Allaire

Dan`s Quest for Fitness
Heart and Technique will get you there
I attended a strongman seminar last summer with Hugo Girard (2003 World’s Strongest Man) as the coach, needless to say we were gonna lift heavy and we did.

Cornwall - March 20, 2012 - I attended a strongman seminar last summer with Hugo Girard (2003 World’s Strongest Man) as the coach, needless to say we were gonna lift heavy and we did.


The day started like every other seminar, certification, Crossfit class I’ve ever been to or coached. The emphasis was on proper technique before all else. If you lift anything with significant weight poorly you will get hurt, sometimes not immediately but repeated over time will catch up to you. He spoke about Crossfit being injury prone since they use lighter weights during their workouts and can get away with poor technique and still complete the workout, but it catches up to them over the long run. TECHNIQUE IS KING!

In strongman with heavy loads (really heavy) they cannot complete the lifts unless their technique is flawless since the loads are superhuman large and the body needs to move efficiently.


You know yourself, when you move properly as you lift things from a barbell, to a box off the floor to your kids, and use your legs and not our back things are easier. TECHNIQUE IS KING!

The other take home for me was how he described a good athlete. It is not about shape and size but rather the heart, determination and drive the person has. Athletes are not all elite, they are soccer moms/dads, factory workers, office workers, people who have full time work and still hit the gym to be better at life period. Someone who is strong doesn’t get them too far if they don’t have heart and drive.

All this to drive home one BIG point; when you are at the gym, don’t look around and look at others and try to compare yourself physically to that person or people. Fact is, we are all made the same inside and you can’t physically see the heart, drive and determination. If you have it in you, you are in my humble opinion an athlete no question. Give 100% every time you show up, don’t let the frustrating days stop you from coming in…you are an athlete my friend. Numbers are fine but if you work your ass off that is what truly counts. I can coach someone to gain strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, power, agility, etc…BUT I cannot teach someone drive, heart and determination, it’s either in you or not. If it is missing it can be added, but that journey is up to you my friends. How bad do you want it?

Take two things away from this:
1. Technique trumps all, NEVER sacrifice technique for weight (egos at the door please)

2. Heart, Drive and Determination will dictate how well you do NOT how much you can lift now, the rest comes with commitment and desire.

Be a master technician and give it all you’ve got!

Be Great!

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