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AWESummer Red Sangria!
By Cynthia Burk

AWESummer Red Sangria!

Stoney Point - Jul. 20, 2013:
Like most people, I think I've perfected my recipe. At the very least, the Sangria is delicious and sitting on the deck on a hot Saturday, our thirst is quenched. We were back from hanging out on the beach at the Belle River Sunsplash Festival and the idea hit me. We've made a few pitchers this summer which have been good but today's pitchers were a big hit. Perhaps it's the cherries - Blenheim Cherry Fest. I mixed cherries and strawberries which I froze first as they work wonderfully in place of ice cubes.

I took some photos as I was concocting and when I was done Chris got a great shot on our dock with flowers from the garden. Although we aren't Food & Drink, we have fun cooking and shooting our creations. Chris' parents would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. They were best friends and I'm thankful I'm with mine - cheers!!

I will preface this recipe by stating I squeeze the juice of a full lemon in the pitcher and also add slices. I also chill my glasses in the freezer. As always, make it yours.

1 bottle of red (your choosing - Rioja, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel)

1 or 2 shot(s) of triple sec

2 lemons (squeeze one, slice one)

1 grapefruit sliced (or orange)

1 cup of berries - your choice (I freeze them)

4 cups of diet or regular sprite

SNAPSHOT - Small fire in Stoney Point
SNAPSHOT - A new favourite pic
SNAPSHOT - High water levels wreak havoc with trees at Tremblay Beach
SNAPSHOT - Geez cloud, Move!


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