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Baby Royal Mute Swans in Southwestern Ontario
By Elaine Windram
East Pike Paradise

Baby Royal Mute Swans in Southwestern Ontario
PHOTO CREDIT - Submitted Photo

Tecumseh - Jun. 30, 2014:
My husband and I are royal mute swan breeders in Southern Ontario. Every year our pair have cygnets. "Angel and Hercules" have had as many as seven cygnets. Hercules can be very aggressive as Royal Mute Swans are very territorial.

I do enjoy gardening around my pond however, I have to pen up Hercules or I get chased out of his territory quickly. He has broken the tail light on the John Deere tractor , so yes I do run.

Our pond is kept healthy with a running windmill and waterfall. The swans and their family enjoy a half acres of grass and a pond 17 feet deep in the middle, water lilies around the edges (which I never see any more) and it is the size of most city lots, very lucky birds indeed.

During the winter it is kept open with the air pump from the windmill and they enjoy swimming and bathing all winter. We add plenty of romaine lettuce to their diet in the winter.

Here is a picture of our little paradise here on East Pike Creek Road.

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