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Follow Me on TwitterAs the title says, I love, love food! This column is dedicated to sharing my love of food with the masses! From tips and tricks to food reviews, I cover it all. My love of food came at a very young age (about 12), being the eldest in my family and my mother and father both working late one of my responsibilities was preparing dinner for five of us. Don't get me wrong, I loved it! My mom taught me well on how to prepare all kinds of foods (on a tight budget) but that were always tasty. Over the years I've perfected many recipes and became aware of my talent at throwing dinner parties (and all that is entailed in these mini events). This being said I'm always on the lookout for news in the food universe. If you have questions or wish to contact Tony, please email him at

Cooking with your Garden with Tony Lacroix
Cooking with your Garden with Tony Lacroix

Mar. 14, 2012: Tony Lacroix is a food lover and writer on, his passion of food started at a very young age where he would cook complete meals starting at the age of 12. His partner and his mom are some of his biggest supporters and inspirations when it comes to preparing food. FULL STORY

What’s a peanut?
What’s a peanut?

Jan. 19, 2012: It is thought the peanut originated in Brazil, then came to the United States from Africa as many Southern delicacies have. In the 1890's George Washington Carver, of Alabama, started to promote this legume (the peanut) as a substitute for cotton crops (which most had been destroyed by the boll weevil). By the time 1903 came around he had successfully created hundreds of uses for peanuts in all type of recipes. FULL STORY

Food this, food that!
Food this, food that!

Jan. 4, 2012: Winter is a time where most of us seem to have more time to cook. The solution to this is a slow cooker, every kitchen needs one of these, you can now find them quite inexpensively at your local department store. Today, Tony writes about one of his favorite recipes, pulled pork. FULL STORY

Tony Lacroix, Love, Love Food Story Archive
Tony Lacroix, Love, Love Food Story Archiv

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