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The best predictor of future behaviour, is past behaviour
Chris Savard

The best predictor of future behaviour, is past behaviour
Premier Dalton McGuinty, left, and Citizenship Minister Mike Colle at the Ontario Cricket Association dinner in August 2006, where McGuinty announced a $1 million grant, despite the group only asking for $150,000.
PHOTO CREDIT - The Toronto Star

Cornwall - Oct. 5, 2011 - We are in the home stretch now, and tomorrow Ontarians will go to the polls to choose who will lead the province over the next four years or less. As someone who four years ago, had his name on thousands of blue and white signs, I want to see change in Ontario.

I am tired of watching Dalton McGuinty make promises only to break them. I am tired of the runaway spending and the ever-increasing tax burden that the Liberals have made their legacy for the last eight years. The McGuinty government’s time in office has been littered with scandals, broken promises, poor leadership and new taxes.

Here is just a sampling:

  • Ontario Health Premium

  • The HST tax grab

  • Sneaky Eco-tax passed along with the HST

  • Government spending increased by 80% while economy has grown by just 10%

  • Provincial deficit has doubled under Dalton McGuinty’s watch

  • Delisting of Optometry (Eye), Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Services

  • eHealth boondoggle

  • $32 Million slush fund given Liberal friendly groups with no application required

  • OLG corruption

  • Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars spent to redesign the Ontario logo.

    Somehow based on all of these issues, the Liberals have chosen to run on a campaign platform that is about “strong, stable leadership”. I doubt most Ontarians will look back at the last eight years with all these scandals and see the government’s performance as strong and stable.

    In my opinion, the public does not expect perfection from their elected officials, but they do expect a level of accountability. People are prepared to forgive politicians for their mistakes, but what they are not prepared to forgive is a lack of accountability. A government’s word and their ability to stand by their convictions should be the basis upon which people place their trust in elected officials.

    Locally, it is commonly felt that the Liberal campaign took a severe hit in June when retired St. Lawrence College Director Pat Finucan was defeated for the party’s nomination by Mark MacDonald. Since then, many well placed Liberal organizers have chosen not to get involved in the Campaign. Proof positive is the fact that retiring MPP Jim Brownell is currently on a beach somewhere in the Mediterranean and not campaigning next to his Liberal hopeful during the critical final days of the campaign. Retirement is a long time and clearly Brownell is sending a message by his decision to vacation when he did.

    MacDonald’s campaign has focused a significant amount of time on claims of a $14 billion hole in the PC platform and the voting record of Tim Hudak. As the Ottawa Citizen said, “MacDonald spoke in generalities and didn't have a lot of concrete local solutions to offer.” The same was true of his performance at the Chamber debate and in many ways that is a summary of his time at City Hall.

    NDP Candidate Elaine MacDonald has likely run the strongest campaign of those in SDSG. Without question, she has made the best use of social media to assist in getting her message out. In the various debates and public speaking opportunities, she has spoken with resolve, passion and has backed up her position with researched facts. She has proven to be the best speaker of the five, however the challenge for Elaine is that many voters do not agree or support her left-leaning positions on a number of issues.

    Tomorrow, I will be supporting PC candidate Jim McDonell. Jim possess 17 years experience as a municipal councillor and Mayor, and has given over 27 years of volunteer dedication to his community. With a background in agriculture, engineering and municipal government, I believe that Jim has what it takes to represent us at Queen’s Park. Jim has a solid understanding of the issues - both urban and rural and has the skill and diplomacy to ensure that our issues are heard in Toronto.

    In addition, I want to support the change in leadership that Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC party are offering Ontarians. Change that provides immediate tax relief and change that cleans up the waste, the fraud and the secret deals that have become the hallmark of the Dalton McGuinty government.

    Four years ago, the faith-based schooling issue became a very hot topic and was a significant catalyst in propelling McGuinty back to office with a second majority. In this campaign, there has not been a singular defining issue and currently the polls are suggesting that we are headed towards a minority government.

    The Premier himself has said ‘The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour’ and his record is the very reason why we need change. I am predicting that Jim McDonell will emerge with a 3,000 vote victory on Thursday and that Tim Hudak will become the 25th Premier of Ontario with a PC minority government.

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