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TIMEOUT is a regular feature on, where our NHL Columnists weigh in with quick and pointed thoughts on a given topic. These guys do not see the other responses before the story is posted. Sometimes they agree and sometimes, not so much! Either way, it is a fun read...ENJOY! If you have questions or wish to submit a question for a future edition of TIMEOUT, please email us at
Timeout - How does Sam Gagner's big game compare to Darryl Sittler's?

Timeout - How does Sam Gagner
How does Sam Gagner's eight point night against the Chicago Blackhawks, compare to Darryl Sittler's 10-point game back in 1976? Sittler photo courtesy of and Gagner photo courtesy of

Cornwall - February 9, 2012 - In this week's installment of 30 Second Timeout we take a look at two record-setting individual performances in the NHL. This week’s question was:

How does Sam Gagner's eight point night against the Chicago Blackhawks, compare to Darryl Sittler's 10-point game back in 1976?

Below you will find the responses from six of our columnists. Feel free to vote for your choices in the poll below.

Phillip Blancher -Sittler's goal is from the same year I was born. I have no frame of reference for it so I am sitting it out for you slightly older people.

Liam Carter - As for this week’s 30 second timeout question, I dont think I am fully qualified to answer that question seeing as I am not old enough to directly compare the differences from the style of hockey played in that era to what it is today.

Dean Eastman -I remember the night Daryl Sittler set the record for points in one game. I hadn't felt that much excitement until Sam Gagner had a very good opportunity in tying or even surpassing his feat last week. However, even with Gagner having a magical night for all to watch, it still does not compare to Sittler's record as the game today is free of the old clutch and grab of yesterday. Sittler had to work harder and sustain more interference than what Gagner did to achieve his mark. Kudos to Gagner, but I will never see the 10 point per game record tied or broken again in my lifetime.

Bill Payment -I was at a house party while Sittler was doing his thing. The game was on mute in the background and before it was over we were all sitting watching (even the non-fans). I only saw the hilight package for Gagner but I think the two compare very favourably. It is an amazing accomplishment at the highest level of competition and will be remembered in discussions like this forever.

Chris Savard - Sittler did it against an Original Six team who was in the top ten in league standings - so did Gagner. Sittler did it in the first week of February - so did Gagner. Sittler did it on a Saturday - Gagner did it on a Thursday. I watched Sittler’s game as a kid - I missed the Gagner night. Sittler’s ten point game came as part of one of his two 100 point seasons. Gagner’s eight point game came during a tough start to his season. I personally think it is tougher to put up that kind of game in today’s NHL, compared to the late 70’s.

Rob Soria - Obviously, scoring that many points is far more difficult to accomplish in today’s NHL compared to the late 70’s and 80’s. That being said, ten points is ten points and Sittler’s mark is still the benchmark. However, the fact that Gagner scored eleven points over three periods of hockey against the Hawks and Wings makes his feat the more impressive of the two. Also, let’s not forget that Sittler was in his prime and in the midst of a 100 point season. Where as Gagner, had two goals in his previous twenty-one games and has struggled for much of the season.

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