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Talking Beaver with Rebecca Sorrell

Jason Setnyk

Talking Beaver with Rebecca Sorrell
In the photo: Front Row: (L - R) Adrian Nelson, Mike Callahan, Middle Row: (L - R) Ian Wilson, Rebecca Sorrell, Shirley Barr and Donna DuBreuil, and Back Row (L-R) Kate McNeil, Wyatt Walsh and Gary DuBreuil.
PHOTO CREDIT - Submitted photo

Cornwall - July 25, 2012 - Rebecca Sorrell has been fighting the good fight for some fury little creatures in our City. She says, "It is with great joy that I bring to you the news that the City of Cornwall has started the journey of moving forward towards a progressive and wildlife friendly future. With the help of The Association for the protection Of Fur-Bearing Animals out of Vancouver and Beaver Solutions out of Massachusetts our very own Guindon park has been fitted with three separate devices designed to deter beaver destruction in a humane fashion. These pond levelers and exclusion fences will stop the beavers ability of damming in the park and posing any risk to the infrastructure to the power damn near by while giving the beavers the opportunity to continue providing a balanced ecosystem in the park. This pilot project brings with it the opportunity of opening the door to a city wide plan of ending barbaric kill trapping practices and learning to live in balanced harmony with all living creatures. Kudos to all city officials involved and a special thanks to the countless volunteers that helped to make history in our beautiful city!"

Beaver traps were a common practice at Guindon Park for about twenty-five years. When Sorrell learned about this she was horrified about the practice. She got to work on a petition, and to find a more ethical way of deterring beavers without harming them. Although she faced some resistance at first, she eventually got to speak to City Council, and along with Wyatt Walsh had meetings with parks and recreation officials. "I was also able to present an offer made to the city by The Association for the protection of Fur-Bearing Animals in which they were willing to come to Cornwall and install special devices designed to eliminate beaver issues in a humane fashion. This was all being offered at no cost to the city. The following morning I received the amazing news that Stephen Alexander had ordered that all traps be removed from Guindon park". Thanks to this group of animal activist, Cornwall is not just the friendly City, but now it is a beaver friendly city too!

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